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Do you Know that?

  • Legumes are among the world’s most important crops.
  • Leguminous plants can obtain most of the nitrogen they need from the vast supply of gaseous nitrogen in the air which is 80% nitrogen
  • Leguminous plants gather and use this nitrogen by working symbiotically with special bacteria (rhizobia) in nodules on their roots which captures and fixes this nitrogen into the soil and consequently augmenting the soils nitrate (N) requirements.
  • This bacteria have been cultured and immobile on carrier materials into formulations that are used to treat legume seeds before plants.
  • This product increase crop yield in triple folds.

Types of Inoculants We Offer

Green- Ef is bringing in the two types that are specifically used for soybean production only. And with the partnership with CSIR-SARI, will introduce another product called sarifix

  • LegumeFix
  • Nodumax
  • SariFix


  • Increased legume grain yield
  • Provides a cheaper alternative to expensive inorganic nitrate fertilizers
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Increased income

Check out for Fake Inoculants !!!

  • Check for PPRSD Registration
  • Check for IITA and SARI Recommendation

Soil Health Is Our Priority

Generally humans take specific medication for specific ailments. The question is why can’t we do same with our farmlands? Conventionally farmers blindly apply fertilizers without actually finding out the nutritional shortfalls of the soil. This practices mostly leads to under or over application with a result low crop yield at a high cost. It is in this light that Green-Ef is offering soil testing services at an affordable rate for farmers.

What is Green Ef soil testing package?

It involves the collection and analysis of soil samples from fields determine the nutritional shortfalls or otherwise with a resultant accurate fertilizer recommendation and approprirate farm practise. With this sevice the farmer is assured of augmenting the soil with the right amout of input thereby ensuring maximum crop yield. This is done before ploughing.


  • It ensures that the farmer is applying the right kind of input
  • Saves the farmer a lot of money as compared to the conventional method of blind application

We Can Help You Till The Land

We also offer Tractor Services across the three Northern Regions of Ghana in an organized and affordable way. First, Farmers and farmer groups need to register with Green-Ef by calling the following numbers depending on where they are located. Discounts are available for organized and identifiable groups with over 15 – 20 acres. Before you call please prepare the following information;

  • Your Full Name
  • Phone Number
  • Region, District and Community Located
  • The Number of Acres you want to Plow
  • When you want to plough it

We’ve Got Great Seeds for You Too

We offer improved seeds for our farmers as well