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Kenaf Agro-Climate Industrial Complex (KACIC): Investing in Kenaf (Hibiscus Cannabinus L.) as a 4F Crop for Transformational Green Growth and Development

KACIC is our flagship R&D investment which is aimed at establishing a multimillion-dollar investment in kenaf for the production of over 10 essential products and services in the Northern Savannah Ecological Zone of Ghana. ‘Kenaf’ (Hibiscus Cannabinus, L.) is a plant that belongs to the Malvaceae family and indigenous to West Africa. It is a ‘4-F crop’ which means it serves as a source of Food, Feed, Fibre and Fuel. After about five years of extensive research, literature review, experimental farms, local and international laboratory analysis, we have established the feasibility of utilizing the entire kenaf plant (leaves, seed, fibre and stalk) for the production of over 10 essential products and services for which we have developed samples (MVPs) and conducted preliminary laboratory analysis (for some). These include but not limited to;

  1. Edible, cosmetic and pharmaceutical grade oil from the seed of the plant
  2. Poultry feed from the seed residue
  3. Edible vegetables from the leaves
  4. Newsprint paper from the stalk.
  5. Charcoal an non-wood briquettes from the stalk
  6. Eco-Friendly Carrier Bags from the fibre
  7. Jute sacks from the fibre (a product heavily imported by many African countries in excess of 74,000Mt per annum and over 845,000Mt globally
  8. Production of oil absorbents from the waste of the fibre and stalk
  9. Toyota Bokoshu and Daimler Chrysler also use kenaf stalk and fibre composites to manufacture several interior and insulation components of their green automobile programs.
  10. Pure and activated biochar for soil fertility, poultry and livestock health.
  11. Generation of renewable electricity from the pyrolysis process


EcoAquaTab™ is a revolutionary formula in water purification that treats both biological and chemical contaminants in drinking water par WHO standards. It is our company’s flagship Research & Development product that is aimed at revolutionizing the water industry with eco-friendly and highly price competitive alternative to the ‘chlorine-based’ industry practice’. It is built and fortified with extracts from the seed and organic materials from the plant that makes it effective against both biological and chemical contamination in drinking water.