Soil Testing

With state-of-the art GPS devices, we provided GEO-REFERENCED Soil Sampling and Analysis to farmers and projects to establish the nutritional status of your soils, make appropriate fertilizer / nutrient recommendation and farm field mapping.

Legume Inoculants

Inoculating legumes (soybean, groundnut and cowpea) improves atmospheric nitrogen fixation into the soil for healthy nodulation and hence higher yield.

Pure and Activated Biochar

An organic soil amendment agent to help build soil structure, soil organic matter content, soil macro and Micro-Nutrient levels, soil moisture /water holding capacity, Cation Exchange, etc

Organic Home Gardening Service

For households to take control of the quality of vegetables they eat by growing it themselves through Green-Ef’s technical support in the design, construction and management of gardens.

Training and Technical Capacity Building

We build knowledge and skills for profitable agriculture. In technical partnership with the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IIAT), the Savannah Agricultural Research Institute (SARI) and IFDC.